Prayer for Giving It Up

Hand Print 4

Suitable for use with Mark 8:27-38, Psalm 19 (Lectionary Year B Proper 19)


Call to worship


The heavens are telling the glory of God,

Wisdom cries out in the street,

The earth rings with your glory

And we come Lord, we come.

Not perfect, not necessarily ready,

Some not even properly awake,

But we have heard your call

And we are here for you

To listen

To learn

To worship.






We have heard a call, a cry in our hearts

So we have come to you to name you as our Lord.

We have heard a voice saying “give it up, give it all up”

And so we have come to offer up to you

Our burdens, our fears, our relationships, our hopes.


We hear a call and bring our burdens, each one of us,

With baggage from this week, this year, our whole lives.

In silence we lay them before you now…

(and together we bring to you…)

We bring you these burdens in the knowledge that you take all,

And give all.


We hear your call and bring you our fears,

So many of them, tumbling out of our hearts almost uncontrollably.

Fears for ourselves, our family, our friends, our world.

In silence we bring our fears to the taker of all things…

(and together we share our fears for…)

Take all these fears Lord,

And give us your peace.


We hear your call and bring our relationships, good, bad, indifferent, futile.

You know the truth, you see our hearts.

In silence we invite you to take and make anew…

We know that you are the lord of love

And we ask you to help us build relationships that are selfless and honest and strong.


We hear your call and we bring our hopes,

Hopes for today and tomorrow, for us and for them, for in here and way out there.

In silence we share the hopes that we feel unable to shout…

Lord we want to shout out. Give us the wisdom to know when our hopes are good,

And the courage not just to shout about it but to set off on a new journey

With our dreams,

With people we trust,

With you

Our God