Drama Scripts

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How to Grow Carrots on Mars

A drama script for harvest or thanksgiving. Astronaut Alicia is excited at the prospect of trying to grow plants on Mars but gardener Jack thinks the vegetables growing in his garden are miraculous enough!

Celebrity Jungle: The Box of Fears

Edge of the seat tension mingles with crazy laughs in this script as the four remaining celebrities in reality TV show “Celebrity Jungle!” have to face The Box of Fears!

Sunday 5am

A drama script for Easter. It’s the first Easter Sunday, and while most of the disciples are snoring a few are discussing what has happened and what exactly they should all do next. But who is that banging on the door?

Celebrity Jungle!

Celebrity Jungle! is a fun and physical set of three highly entertaining drama scripts for all ages. Four celebrities endure the jungle, contrived trials and each other to win a televised contest. Will they learn anything about life and friendship along the way?

You See That Every Day

A drama script for Pentecost. In a Jerusalem street something amazing and very dramatic is happening. The bystanders are all astonished – but can even this surprise Audrey and Margaret, two very bored market traders who believe that nothing new ever happens around here?

The Trinity – In Their Own Words

In this quick moving drama script about the Trinity the Father, Son and Holy Spirit speak for themselves and in an enjoyable romp through various Bible references give an idiot-friendly overview of something that is (let’s be honest) inexplicable – one God in three persons.

The Other Christmas Story

This is a humorous Christmas drama script for all ages with the possibility of improvisation and rowdy audience interaction. In a season of stories (blockbuster movie releases and jolly Santa books) this asks the audience: which is the real Christmas story?

The Hotel Inspector

The Hotel Inspector is not happy! Visiting the inn at Bethlehem on that starry night should have been a pleasure, but the shepherds are smelly, the wise men are too exotic and as for putting a young couple in the stable – something is seriously wrong with the business plan here!

Sunday 4am

In this Easter drama, Mary is getting ready to visit the tomb and her head is spinning with questions. Why is she going? Why did she follow this man in the first place? Was it the miracles? The teaching? Or something much deeper?

St. Valentine’s Day Mascara

A drama script about love, for Valentine’s Day. What is love really about? Cara has sent Valentine’s cards to all the boys and is scoring the responses! Meanwhile Naomi has received one card and is so excited she could burst.


In this Christmas drama script, the shepherds are all busy finding food, counting the sheep and playing Sheepville on the GameThing. So when the shiny guy turns up telling them there is something more important going on tonight they take a lot of convincing!

My Mother Is

This touchingly funny drama script about children and their mothers can be performed by children of varying ages with almost no rehearsal. The children share some lovely thoughts about their mothers – but reveal a few other things too!

Moving With Intent

A drama script about worry, prayer and camping! It’s 2 a.m. and Jonathan can hear noises outside the tent and worries inside his head. This comic drama is perfect for anyone (or any group) facing change.

In a Bad Way

In this short drama script the parable of the Good Samaritan is presented very simply as three people tell us why they acted as they did on that lonely and dangerous road. Their plausible explanations leave us wondering – what would we have done? What will we do today?

Heavenly Resolutions

A drama script about New Year and Kazoos! Charlie and Jack are bored but trying to look cool – no need to mention the resolutions made in secret. Then an unlikely pair of angels pass by and decide that these small, secret resolutions are actually a cause for great rejoicing!

God in Your Cupboard

A hilarious drama script for Lent. Charlotte and Lucy want to give something up for Lent and look through the kitchen for inspiration – but then God shows up in a cupboard! And the cupboard isn’t even clean!

Baby of the Week

A Christmas drama script. The baby has been born and there is myrrh and shepherds and angels – unfortunately that’s when Stephanie arrives with a TV crew to announce the really exciting news – this child is Baby of the Week!

A Chocolate Tomb

A crazy Easter drama script. TV cook Ruby is showing her viewers how to make Resurrection Rolls. Presenter Alex isn’t convinced – can chocolate represent Jesus? Is this real Christianity? Is it even real cooking? Fun with an alarming climax!

Deep Roots

A drama script about seeds and weeds. Weed is brash and noisy and Corn struggles to tell him the sad tale of his own family and their demise. The parable of sower and the seeds is given a human and humerous twist as it is re-told from the plants’ point of view. But watch out for the harvest!.