About DramatisDei

Hi. I am Rod Belt and DramatisDei is mostly me. DramatisDei is where I attempt to reflect fresh and lively thinking about this world we find ourselves in and the God who created it all.

I am a worshipping Christian who is trying to understand his relationship with God and the world and who would very much like to carry a little bit of heaven into each day, wherever that day may take me. This site was created as a result of much encouragement by some very lovely people who seem to have more faith in me than I do in myself.

DramatisDei is about encouraging lively discussion of all sorts of topics and helping people shake off lazy ways of thinking. Everything we think we believe should be tested by being held up to the light of God’s love. That last phrase is the important one – God’s love.

DramatisDei has an expanding list of lovingly crafted downloadable original short drama scripts (skits, sketches, microplays) for use in church services or outreach, or just to be read for enjoyment.

DramatisDei has a (currently very incomplete) “How To Do Drama” section intended to be usable by the average budding drama group wondering just what they have got themselves into.

The name DramatisDei just sort of popped into my head one day as an ideal name for scripts about life with God. I have that sort of head. Dramatis personae is a Latin phrase meaning the cast of characters in a play. Dei is Latin for God – you will find it in many Latin mottoes and inscriptions. If a play had God or His works in it, I reasoned that would make him Dramatis Dei. I later discovered that the phrase “dramatis dei personae” is already used in theology to describe the three persons of God in the trinity so I wasn’t quite as original as I thought.

That’s what DramatisDei is – a search for the character of God. You can join in by sharing our content on social media (where you can usually add your own comments) or commenting on the DramatisDei Facebook page.



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