Acceptable use

The first rule is… use a little thought and you shouldn’t need rules! However, for those who want it more clearly laid out, here goes.

Use of drama scripts

The rules surrounding the use of drama scripts appear on the back page of every purchased script. You can read more in “The DramatisDei Deal”.

Use of all material

Everything on the site is copyright © Rod Belt unless otherwise stated. International law says you can’t copy it. I am more than happy for you to quote from here but would request that you accompany any quotes with a link back to this site please. If I have inadvertently used anything of yours and you want it removing or want an attribution adding please let me know – I didn’t mean to do it and I am very sorry!

Comments policy

There is a lovely DramatisDei Facebook page – please use it! I welcome lively debate. Comments are monitored to ensure the page remains welcoming to all and there are a few guidelines to stick to if you don’t want your words to be removed. They are probably obvious and mostly they are about being clear and being friendly and courteous:

  • Don’t be abusive, offensive or call names;
  • Don’t wander off the point;
  • Don’t post comments that are largely lists of Bible or other references;
  • Don’t use uppercase, abbreviated or other difficult-to-read language;
  • Don’t spam us or post comments that are just links to other sites;
  • Do read the original post before commenting;
  • Do write clearly using understandable language;
  • Do respond with rational argument or your own honest thoughts or feelings;
  • Do remember that this site and its Facebook page has a general all-age readership;
  • Do display Christ’s love.

By submitting a comment you agree to the above comment policy and grant this site license to reproduce your words and name/web site in attribution. I will not exclude comments just because I disagree with the viewpoint, but any that infringe these rules will be removed – the editor’s decision is final!

Like I said, use a little thought and you won’t need the rules. Just play nicely together. Please.