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How to Grow Carrots on Mars - a drama script for harvest thanksgiving

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A drama script by Rod Belt. 

themes: Harvest, Thanksgiving, Earth Day. 
cast: 3 (1 male, 1 female, 1 either). 
runtime: 8 minutes. 

This wonderful warm-hearted drama script is ideal for harvest or thanksgiving celebrations and highlights the unique nature of the world we call home and the abundance that it gives us. It is really easy to stage too – the main props you need are carrots and cake!

Alicia, an astronaut about to embark on the first manned mission to Mars, is gushing in her description of the fascinating world she is going to visit and how people will learn to survive there. Jack, a gardener who has just won a prize for best carrots in the county show, thinks he sees some pretty amazing things in his own garden every day!

ALICIA: There are no rivers or seas on Mars but we believe we can unlock water from ice particles in the ground. We are also pretty sure that there are masses of ice at the Martian poles but that would need melting and moving, which is an enormous job.

JACK: (To no-one in particular) It falls from the sky here.

VINCE: Sorry?

JACK: Water. Once you have stuck your seeds in the ground sooner or later water just falls on them from the sky – what we call rain. Amazing when you think about it – water falling from the sky! Who would have thought it?

Buy this terrific script now to help your congregation or assembly think about the amazing abundance of the Earth.
You will get a PDF (172KB) file

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