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The Other Christmas Story - a drama script for Christmas

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A drama script by Rod Belt. 

themes: Christmas, Luke 1:26-38, Luke 2:1-20, Matt 2: 1-12. 
cast: 2 (male or female). 
runtime: 7 minutes. 

If you want to put some fun and laughter (and a serious thought) into your Christmas family service or school assembly then this is definitely for you!

“When I saw ‘The Other Christmas Story’ I thought, what a perfect conclusion for our day because no matter what customs or traditions we follow or legends we learn about, the BEST story is the real story which gives meaning to everything else.” Candy Watkins, Messiah Lutheran Church, S. Williamsport, PA, USA

Christmas is a time for all sorts of stories. There are familiar films on television and Santa books at bedtime and family tales of disastrous past Christmases. They are all happily familiar – but which one is the real Christmas story? What is Christmas about?

This is a joyous audience participation piece, with two narrators using keywords that have actions attached. No awkwardness, just laughter!

“Thanks for your script ‘The Other Christmas Story’ which went down well at the beginning of our carol service. Loads of audience participation, fun but with a serious message” Hilary Taylor, Ashford Common Baptist Church, UK

find two fun-loving narrators, give them the script and let them create some Christmas hilarity!
You will get a PDF (173KB) file

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