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Star of Wonder - a drama script for Christmas

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A drama script by Rod Belt. 

themes: Christmas, nativity, Magi, Matt 2:1-12. 
cast: 3 (2 male, 1 female). 
runtime: 10 minutes. 

Use this script this Christmas to immediately immerse your audience in something very familiar - the Three Wise Men singing "We Three Kings" - before unleashing a torrent of absurdity and finaly asking the deep questions about Christmas.

This fun drama script takes as its starting point the universally known Christmas Carol “We Three Kings” as the Magi (Wise Men, Three Kings) pick the song apart line by line, arguing as they go, until they realise that the serious question is not how many wise men or whether the star is really a star, but rather, what are we doing this for? Who is at the end of the journey?

ARTIMUS: We are bearing gifts. For the new-born king. When we find him.

DOUGLIOR: Yes, I agree that bit’s right. But don’t get me started on the field and fountain, moor and mountain!

KARYL: There definitely has been a distinct lack of fountains – I was getting seriously dehydrated back there.

ARTIMUS: I thought we were all going to die! Those fields and moors all looked very much like deserts to me!

DOUGLIOR: But the big problem with the song, the elephant in the room, the glaring inescapable conundrum in the centre of the whole story is, of course, the star.

(Now it is the turn of KARYL and ARTIMUS to stare in silence at DOUGLIOR.)

ARTIMUS: I don’t actually know what any of that means but there is definitely a star. (pause, waiting for reaction) I’ve seen it. (another pause) It’s up there (pointing). I’m following it.

DOUGLIOR: (slowly, deliberately) Are you though? Are you really?

Because the script takes as its start “We Three Kings” which is familiar to most people, it can be used in any gathering and the audience will enjoy it from the first lines.
You will get a PDF (449KB) file

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