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Prayers for Palm Sunday (C) - Voices in the Crowd

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Palm Sunday (Liturgy of the Palms), Year C

Inspired by Luke 19:28-40.



Opening prayers or Call to worship

We are here Lord:

the young and the old, rich and poor,

the wise and the foolish, healthy and infirm.

We are here:

some joyful, some disheartened,

some restless, others settled.

The skilled and unskilled,

we are all here.

We come to see the one who saves,

come to be saved,

come to have joy,

come to worship,

come to belong.

We come to a place where your heaven

meets our earthy lives,

and we come to be changed.




We stand among crowds of people lord,

and the faces around us tell many tales:

tales of joy and anguish, love and loss,

frustration and triumph, hope and despair.

We are surrounded by amazing individuals

and we pray for them to be surrounded by you.

For family carers, always there,

coping with anything, lovingly making everything just right;

give them continued energy and all the support they need.

For the in-the-background people,

at every event and in every group, quietly gluing our community together;

give them the joy that will sustain them tomorrow and the next day.

For teachers and scholars and seekers of knowledge,

thirsting to understand the universe, struggling to explain the detail;

give them a fresh love and inspire them anew.

For people doing mundane jobs ,

Trying to find meaning in repetitive tasks;

Give them satisfaction in work well done

and a sure knowledge that they are so much more than that.

For healers and peacemakers and rebuilders of lives,

restoring broken people and communities closer to your image;

give them continued wonder at life and its ability to grow and heal.  

For those who make laws and all who enforce them,

for those who govern nations in turmoil;

give a calm hand, a clear head and a respect for all people.

For those ever seeking to live your way,

for those lost in prayer or repenting past wrongs;

give the peace of knowing that all you require is a loving heart.


For those who are searching for their purpose or role,

for those who knew their place but now are lost;

give the peace of knowing that all you require is a loving heart.

Accept Lord all the work we do and all the roles we play

as our daily worship of you;

help us to accept and support and encourage each other,

your family.  


© Rod Belt 2013

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