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Picture of a Shakespeare script opened at a page
Understanding the script
If you are going to act in a play or short drama, direct it, produce it, write it or just read it for pleasure, you are going to have to understand the layout of a drama script. They may look a little strange if you haven’t encountered one before, bu...
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Young actress in spotlight
Why do drama?
If you have decided to “do drama” in your church (or school/youth group/whatever – in which case translate some of the words below as appropriate) it is probably for one or more of the following reasons:You think your church needs it – it will be a n...
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Picture of actors in dramatic pose
How To Do Drama
This is the first post in the How to do drama series which may (or may not) build up into an indispensible guide for the new or young drama group and its terrified actors, hopeful director and baffled script writer. There comes a time in the life of ...
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