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How To Do Drama

This is the first post in the How to do drama series which may (or may not) build up into an indispensible guide for the new or young drama group and its terrified actors, hopeful director and baffled script writer.

There comes a time in the life of every church* when someone says “We’ve got a couple of special services coming and we need some content that will stand out. We need drama!” and all eyes turn to the most likely-looking individuals. Such moments are the seed of a process played out time and again in churches across the world as a rag-tag band try to fashion themselves into that wondrous and mythical beast, The Church Drama Group. The problem is that they’ve never done this before and haven’t a clue where to start.

If you are in that process, if you are part of a newish or youngish drama group or are contemplating it, the How to do drama series is aimed at making you feel slightly less alone. 

This series is aimed primarily at church groups but if you are doing drama in a small group in another setting (school, youth group, scouts, Retired Men, Gay Pride) you may find that many of the basics are applicable to what you are doing too.


I have some idea what topics may be covered, but if you have ideas, if you are in a drama group and want something discussed, let me know! This is highly unlikely to develop into a learned encyclopaedia, but if it reassures just one actor, director, writer or producer that others have been where they are, or gives a hint of the options available, then it has done its work.

Some topics coming up soon are:

Why do drama?

Understanding the script

Who needs a director?

Rewriting the Bible

* This is not strictly true. There are churches that don’t believe in drama. There are churches that have no-one young enough to actually climb on to a stage. There may be churches that wish to concentrate on their special ministry to surfers or magicians. So I was exaggerating a little. 

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