Prayer: Free

Today make each one of us more free:
free from fear,
free to live with hope and joy and generosity.
(3–9 July Year A)

Giving Up for Lent

Are you giving anything up for lent? Or perhaps taking up something new? Millions do, and this is the why, what, when and really?

The Perils of Live Acting

Allsorts of things can go wrong onstage – what can you do to make it alright on the night? This is a guest blog post by Emily Belt.

I Don’t

This is a piece of free verse about what I don’t, which I thought might be easier than who I am.

When One Door Closes

From the old lady who saved last year’s envelope to spring-loaded brush-protected letterboxes, the highs and lows of collecting for Christian Aid.

Easy Last Minute Drama for your Christmas Services

It’s not too late to use one of these two scripts in your Christmas service. One is a monologue, one a two-hander, scripts can be held and improvisation wouldn’t hurt. Go on, cheer up your church!

No room at the inn

It is a story that was never going to end well for anybody, and as the case of the Christian guest house owners who refused a room to a gay couple stumbles towards an inevitably sad conclusion in the Supreme Court we can only regret that it ever happened.

Life lessons in the jungle!

When a young cast throw themselves into a set of scripts with gusto and an even younger audience laugh their socks off, you know you have all got something right!

Beautifully Mistranslated – the brain clever Holy Ghost

Translation is a wonderful but dangerous thing. So here is a question – what needs placing in rhythm so as to let your hands relax and brain clever?

Marriage, sanctity and gay sexuality – where is the love?

Presidents and Prime Ministers are ensnared in it, social media hotly debate it – the nature of marriage, its sanctity and openness to gay couples is a topic that isn’t going to go away. Are we about to break marriage, or make it?

God’s broken shape sorter

The church is supposed to accept everyone that God brings, in all their wonderful variety. It’s a beautiful idea, but somewhere along the line has our heavenly shape-sorter got a bit broken?

Easter week – a visual timeline

It may look like a map of the London Underground, but this is a cunning visual representation of who did what and with who in the week surrounding Jesus’s death. Look at it for more than a few seconds and you’ll be reaching for your Bible to check it out!

Drama scripts worldwide

The typical DramatisDei customer lives in the UK or on the west coast of the USA or around the Great Lakes of USA/Canada or on the Australian East Coast or New Zealand…

White Wine in the Sun

White Wine In The Sun by Tim Minchin – a sentimental atheist song about Christmas. It’s very good really, if a little odd. Discuss.


Ever wondered why the wise men were late to the birth of Jesus? Satnavitivity reveals the simple truth.

Quickfire Nativity

We love funny videos. We love the Christmas story. We love it when they go together.

The world ends today

The rapture didn’t happen in May, but we are still on for the end of the world today. Apparently. And the answer to life, the universe and everything is 42.

Help – Christmas is coming!

Like everyone else we at DramatisDei are forced to think about Christmas sooner than we want to. Also like everyone else we want to complain about it. Moan moan moan.

Insured against rapture

The end of the world didn’t happen – but apparently it will later this year. How are you prepared for the end? Some people have got rapture insurance, others have got pet care arrangements. Should we laugh or cry?

Is it time for same-sex partnership ceremonies in church?

The UK Government is consulting on whether to allow churches to host civil same-sex partnership ceremonies. Is this a good solution?