No room at the inn

It is a story that was never going to end well for anybody, and as the case of the Christian guest house owners who refused a room to a gay couple stumbles towards an inevitably sad conclusion in the Supreme Court we can only regret that it ever happened.

Marriage, sanctity and gay sexuality – where is the love?

Presidents and Prime Ministers are ensnared in it, social media hotly debate it – the nature of marriage, its sanctity and openness to gay couples is a topic that isn’t going to go away. Are we about to break marriage, or make it?

The world ends today

The rapture didn’t happen in May, but we are still on for the end of the world today. Apparently. And the answer to life, the universe and everything is 42.

A hell of a debate – Rob Bell’s Love Wins takes church by surprise

Rob Bell, that rock star of hip Christian theology, has stirred up heated controversy out of an issue that was gathering theological dust. Do you believe in Hell? Does God?

How Would Jesus Vote?

There is always an election coming, and elections don’t just change governments, they change everything. So, traditional marriage values? War against Climate Change? An end to multiculturalism? How Would Jesus Vote?

Are Christians finally on board in the climate change war?

Is global climate change finally on the agenda of a Church that has always proclaimed that God calls us to be stewards of His creation?

Darwin at 200 – time for the church to own up?

150 years ago, Charles Darwin suggested an explanation for the wealth of animal types on this planet. In doing so he caused a storm of controversy that has never gone away. But has the church damaged itself by choosing the wrong side of the argument?