Is the climate changing? It depends how you ask the question!

A poll reveals that those on the right of American politics are more inclined to believe in climate change than global warming. It’s all in the wording!

A hell of a debate 2 – love wins what?

The debate over Rob Bell’s “Love Wins” has raised some interesting issues, in particular this one – what did Christ save you from or to? Is my salvation the same as yours?

A hell of a debate – Rob Bell’s Love Wins takes church by surprise

Rob Bell, that rock star of hip Christian theology, has stirred up heated controversy out of an issue that was gathering theological dust. Do you believe in Hell? Does God?

The minor skirmish of the church door

Your church is open and very very busy – but does the rest of the world know it is open? How does your church look from the street? This is the sad story of one man’s petulant battle with the church door.

When is Easter this year?

When is Easter this year? Or next year? Why does it move about apparently randomly? Oh, and what about Lent, Ascension, Pentecost…

Epiphany, the BBC Nativity and the Star of Bethlehem

The Epiphany is when we celebrate the Magi visiting the new-born king. But what was this star they followed? The BBC Nativity suggested a conjunction of planets. Have they got it right?

Epiphany and the walls look bare

Epiphany is the traditional ending to Christmas, but as the pretty lights and colourful decorations get stowed away for eleven months the walls look kind of bare…

How to make advent shine at your church

Advent is a fantastic ready-made theme – the light coming into the darkness of the world, complete with candles as a twinkly visual aid. The question is, how do we make it that little bit different from last year so that people keep listening? Fortunately others have walked there before and left us the fruits of their labours.

Have an ethical Christmas!

Could ethical gifts give you a new perspective this Christmas? As the economic conditions continue to looks gloomy and the factories of southern China struggle to cater for all our crazy advertisement-fuelled whims this festive season, the ethical gift catalogues blossom. Here is a pick.

Does your youth group have a legal name?

A Christian youth project in Sheffield has been threatened with legal action by an American Christian television station because its name is already registered by the station. Should a church have to check such names? Should big Christian organisations act this way?

Faith and science for beginners

If we are to understand the world we live in, we are going to need science to tell us how it works and faith to help us understand the meaning and purpose. The Test of Faith course goes beyond the increasingly entrenched opinions (think Dawkins and creationism) and helps people think intelligently about some of the most important issues of our time.

Twitter communion cancelled

When is communion not communion? When is the body of Christ too disembodied? Can a community be virtual? As its first Twitter Communion is called off the Methodist Church is struggling with some very modern theological questions.

My Gospel Right or Wrong

As an amusing diversion, take a dip into a blog which tells how “Frisby Independent Baptist Church has been fighting the forces of modernism, liberalism and decidedly suspect Anglo-Catholicism for four centuries.”. It made me smile anyway.

Prince Charles, the environment and our soul

The Prince of wales thinks our society has a big inner problem: a disconnection between humanity and nature, a collective loss of soul.

Really quite miserable Friday

Good Friday? It’s a name to puzzle children and grandmothers alike.

How Would Jesus Vote?

There is always an election coming, and elections don’t just change governments, they change everything. So, traditional marriage values? War against Climate Change? An end to multiculturalism? How Would Jesus Vote?

But I haven’t found what I’m looking for!

Is life with God a search or a bus ride? Do you worship with people who know they are looking or who think they have got there? Which soundtrack have you selected for your soul?

A number one reason to buy a song?

Should we buy a song just because it is Christian and because Facebook urged us to? The history of such endeavours is not good.

A funny thing happened at CofE Synod

A church that doesn’t ordain gay people and won’t carry out same-sex weddings votes to treat the gay partners of deceased clergy as if they had been married. Confused? You should be!

Are Christians finally on board in the climate change war?

Is global climate change finally on the agenda of a Church that has always proclaimed that God calls us to be stewards of His creation?