Troubled by doubles

The nature/nurture debate has troubled people for years. Looking at identical twins raises big questions about the roles of parents in shaping children – like, can we?

Marmite Jesus

Love it or hate it, but it appears that Jesus has chosen to endorse Marmite. In a kitchen in Wales. And, presumably, to use it as a medium to remind the world of his endless love. Are there serious issues or can we safely just laugh?

Water for all?

This World Vision video puts the third-world experience of water in a comfortable western setting – and the result is shocking and very very thought provoking.

Mind your language – the minefield of paraphrase

Over at BiteMyBible there is a discussion about the acceptability or otherwise of translating the Bible into dialect or colloquial language. Those preaching, leading worship or presenting dramas want to make the Bible accessible – but it is a balancing act with few right answers!