Christmas is coming

I was forced to think about Christmas last week. DramatisDei received its first order of the year for a Christmas script (The Hotel Inspector). That made me realise that people are busy planning their Christmas events, and that I had better publish this year’s new Christmas script, Sheepville. It will be available in not-many-hours for you to purchase and use this Christmas.

I say “forced” to think about Christmas because although our household loves Christmas dearly, it’s not much more than a week since we had a last gasp of summer here and it just seems wrong to be reminded of Christmas. I am dreading the morning, which I am sure cannot be far off, when I get off my morning train and find that the shopping mall is playing Christmas songs too loudly. I suspect they are just waiting for Halloween to be over. Christmas has already arrived on supermarket shelves – they have been selling Christmas-targeted goods for some time.

Churches fed-up of Christmas

Of course, If you are a Christian like me then you can’t complain because we are as guilty as anyone. Churches start organising early, in our church we planned our Christmas shoebox collection long ago. The worship group have been busy selecting a new song for Christmas and work is beginning on the nativity. Like shops, schools and pubs, it’s our busiest time of year. This brings many blessings but can make a person fed up of Christmas by the beginning of December!

So it is with both reluctance and excitement that DramatisDei gears up to tackle Christmas. Roll on Sheepville!