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Transfiguration Sunday, Year C
(Last Sunday before Lent)
Inspired by Luke 9:28-36, (37-43a) and Exodus 34:29-35.

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Opening prayers or Call to worship

From the corners of this Earth
people come to lift their voices;
to sing your name, to shout your praise,
to call out to you for wisdom and grace and mercy.
We come because your home is our home
and your people are our people.
Accept our worship today lord
and open our hearts to your love.



When you met with Moses on the top of a mountain
his face was shining with your light as he descended
and in in his hands he carried your laws to a needy people.
When you met with Christ on top of a mountain
he was transformed with brightness
and descended with strength.
So meet with us Lord, transform us from the inside out
and help us bring your transforming light to the needy world all around us.

Help us to bring your presence to the lives of those crushed with sickness or pain,
those weighed down with confusion or grief.
Bring your healing touch to those lives today
and help us to be constant friends to those we know who are in need.

Help us to bring your peace to a troubled society,
where people are unsure of so much and change comes so fast.
Give us the grace to understand people’s problems and anxieties
and the strength to tackle difficult issues head on.

Help us to work together to transform a needy world,
whether through giving or educating or leading by example.
Give us the wisdom to see through big and complex issues
and the love that will keep us going when problems are overwhelming.

Help us to always be a beacon for you,
as individuals and together.
We’re not standing on any lofty mountain
but we have a god who is changing us every day,
making us ready to reach out and change a broken world.
Be with us today Lord and help us take whatever step is next for us.

We ask this through the power of your love.




About the author: Writer of DramatisDei, dramatist and dreamer.