Scripts about Life and Love

Life throws up surprises and dilemmas and reveals a love that is patient and kind – and beautifully illustrated in these scripts to use again and again. See all available scripts.

Celebrity Jungle: The Box of Fears

Edge of the seat tension mingles with crazy laughs in this script as the four remaining celebrities in reality TV show “Celebrity Jungle!” have to face The Box of Fears!

Celebrity Jungle!

Celebrity Jungle! is a fun and physical set of three highly entertaining drama scripts for all ages. Four celebrities endure the jungle, contrived trials and each other to win a televised contest. Will they learn anything about life and friendship along the way?

St. Valentine’s Day Mascara

A drama script about love, for Valentine’s Day. What is love really about? Cara has sent Valentine’s cards to all the boys and is scoring the responses! Meanwhile Naomi has received one card and is so excited she could burst.

My Mother Is

This touchingly funny drama script about children and their mothers can be performed by children of varying ages with almost no rehearsal. The children share some lovely thoughts about their mothers – but reveal a few other things too!

Moving With Intent

A drama script about worry, prayer and camping! It’s 2 a.m. and Jonathan can hear noises outside the tent and worries inside his head. This comic drama is perfect for anyone (or any group) facing change.

Heavenly Resolutions

A drama script about New Year and Kazoos! Charlie and Jack are bored but trying to look cool – no need to mention the resolutions made in secret. Then an unlikely pair of angels pass by and decide that these small, secret resolutions are actually a cause for great rejoicing!