The Box of Fears

A drama script by Rod Belt
themes Your fears are often worse than the things themselves ,
cast 4 (at least 1 female),
runtime 6 minutes

It  is day 31 in the last week of reality TV show “Celebrity Jungle!” and today if the remaining four celebrities want a meal one of them is going to have to face their fears! There is no clue what is in the box in front of them but it is certain to be bad and now one of them is going to have to stick their head in there…

So who will do it? Will it be Andi, the cheerful but dim soap actress? Dob, the clever one who looks down on all the rest? Gonk, the comedian? Or C.C., the world’s worst rapper who only speaks in very bad rhyme? How successful will they be at finding the vital gold stars? And will anybody learn anything along the way?

By popular demand this hilarious, child-friendly script is now available to use alone (it was previously only available as part one of the Celebrity Jungle! set).  It could provide lively, ice-breaking fun to start a kids’ event, or would be an ideal opener for a discussion or sermon about fear or boldness.

See a preview

For edge of the seat tension mingled with crazy laughs, buy this script! OR if you want three times the fun and to know what happens to the celebrities next, buy the Celebrity Jungle bundle!

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