Celebrity Jungle!

A drama script by Rod Belt
themes Each of us is unique and special. We need each other ,
cast 4 (at least 1 female),
runtime 3 episodes each approx 6 minutes

Three drama scripts about celebrities in a jungle! It is the last week of reality TV show “Celebrity Jungle!” and there are four contestants left. To win they have to survive each other, various contrived trials and public votes. Will they learn anything about life, friendship and themselves along the way?

Who will win? Will it be Andi, the cheerful but dim soap actress? Dob, the clever one who looks down on all the rest? Gonk, the comedian? Or C.C., the world’s worst rapper who only speaks in very bad rhyme? How successful will they each be at winning those vital gold stars?

This set of three hugely enjoyable jungle dramas could be used on consecutive weeks in church or school, or as a key part of children’s events or days – particularly Vacation Bible School, Holiday Club etc. Each episode can be used as a springboard for teaching or just as a fun item to start the day.

Watch highlights of  a young cast from St. John’s Methodist Church in the UK performing the scripts at a three-day children’s event:

The theme running through the scripts is that  all of us are different but that we need each other. We each have our own skills and personalities and we should take joy in who God has made us, but at the same time we need to learn to work in harmony with the very different people around us – however odd they seem to us! That is how God intended it to be.

Each of the scripts touches on a different aspects of this overall theme in a very light-hearted way, providing a basis for activities, discussion and teaching that take the themes as far or deep as you wish.

Included in the price are user notes with advice on staging the dramas and hints to help you follow up with discussion:

  • Teaching Focus
  • Discussion Starters
  • Staging
  • Props

Let the sun in to your service or assembly with Summer drama scripts that will amuse, challenge and enlighten.