The Hotel Inspector

A drama script by Rod Belt
themes Christmas, Nativity Luke 2:1-20, Matt 2: 1-12,
cast 1 (male or female),
runtime 7 minutes

In this wonderful dramatic monologue for Christmas, a hotel inspector reports on the strange case of a certain inn in Bethlehem on a particularly starry night. The rooms are good but there are odd people about and some troubling things going!

This humorous script contrasts the people God chooses to use (shepherds, wise men, babies) with society’s ideals. God’s people apparently don’t fit into the ideal customer profile of a successful business! The key is in the inspector’s final question to the innkeeper: what do you really want?

Two helpful thing about this script are that it is a monologue (so arranging rehearsal times is no big issue) and that the inspector is mostly reading (dramatically) from the report which he/she has in their hand, so this can be done at short notice!

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