image: Holy week timeline perspective

What exactly happened in Easter week 2000 years ago? Oh, you know about the last supper and the crucifixion and the trial and the resurrection – but who was where, with whom and when? A stunning graphic from Bible Gateway attempts to answer those questions in a simple way, following the main actors in the story and allowing you to see their movements and interactions, as well as giving bible verses so you can read it for yourself.

View the Timeline Here and view the Bible Gateway blog about the creation of the Timeline Here

For instance, you can follow Peter and John as they are go to prepare the upper room for the Passover, then after the supper at Gethsemane are taken aside by Jesus to pray, then after the betrayal follow at a distance to the trial, where John enters into the court while Peter stands outside, denies Jesus then hears the cock crow.   Or you can follow Judas as he sneaks off from the disciples to make a secret deal with the Jewish leaders, returning in time for the last supper before departing abruptly half-way through, and finally committing suicide.

Some of it is guesswork or inference. There are four gospels and they don’t necessarily tell the same stories, and when they do they are not necessarily from the same point of view. See the Wikipedia entry on the Empty Tomb for a discussion of whether Mary went with other women, whether she went twice, whether there were angels and if so when etc. A bit of interpretation and discernment is required to make this all make sense. This wonderful diagram is based in part on work by Justin Taylor at The Gospel Coalition, though the first attempt at producing Gospel harmonies dates back to at least the 3rd century.

Have fun browsing this diagramme, and maybe it will inspire you to go and look up the texts to see if it is all correct!


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