The bare wallpaper of Epiphany

January 6th is Epiphany, the twelfth day of Christmas, and that is traditionally the time when Christmas decorations come down. I’ve heard it referred to in the last few days as de-trimming and actually most people I know seem to have done it a few days ago, but whenever you did it – doesn’t it make the place look bare?

We took our decorations down on Monday. The last thing down was the tree (because it took so long to get the lights off and then to pull the artificial tree into its component sections and get them into the box). When I had done that I looked around and realised that everything else had been taken down and stowed in boxes already (by my wife and daughter, not elves). Pretty lights, tree decorations, Christmas candle holders, angel chimes, stockings, wreath, advent calendars, assorted decorations made by my daughter at school or church over the years – all had gone.

A few things that had been temporarily removed over Christmas had been re-instated, but the overall effect was one of bareness. The walls looked bare, most surfaces looked bare. Partly the new lack of clutter was a relief, but mostly it left a feeling of sadness.

That is already passing, but my overwhelming thought is – roll on spring! If I can’t have pretty lights and candles I want more daylight!