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Who is DramatisDei?

This site is created, written and maintained by me, Rod Belt. You can read a bit more at About DramatisDei.


How can I stay informed of what is new on DramatisDei?

If you use Facebook you can follow DramatisDei by visiting the Facebook page and clicking the “Like” button. Here you can keep informed of the latest scripts, prayers, offers etc. If you want to join my mailing list you can do so using the signup form. I don’t often get around to mailing so you won’t hear from me too much!


How can I comment if I have an opinion?

First of all, I particularly love to read comments from people who have used the scripts or prayers, or who have been challenged by the articles, so please please tell me your experiences! On the Facebook page you can share your comments (tagging in friends or your church/school if you want), write a review and award a star rating, or personally message me. You can also email me, I will usually reply before too long (though it may wait for office hours and remember you may be on a very different timezone.)


Why do the script previews have big writing across them?

The preview samples are marked as such by having a dark watermark across the middle. The end is also missing. Purchased copies of scripts are complete and have no such annoying text.

Can I pay for scripts with a credit or debit card?

Of course! You can pay with any usual credit card or via a PayPal account. In either case the screens you see will be PayPal screens but in the case of card payments PayPal will act as a secure gateway to your bank’s own systems.


Are downloads really instant?

When you have successfully completed the PayPal payment screens you will be returned to a purchase confirmation page at DramatisDei. As soon as PayPal confirm your payment (usually a few seconds but allow a few minutes) DramatisDei will send you an email containing links to download your purchases. See Purchase and Download Questions for more details or if you have a problem.


What if the email with the link doesn’t arrive?

The DramatisDei confirmation email with the link(s) usually arrive within two to three minutes, but sometimes traffic on the internet make it slightly longer. If after ten minutes you have not received an email from DramatisDei  with the download links to your purchase take a look at Purchase and Download Questions.


Can I change words in your scripts?

Well, scripts are copyright works so only the author can re-write them. However, having said that, I understand that circumstances (available cast, venue, props, time of year, local usage of English) may make the script as it stands unhelpful for performance without small informal amendments – changing “him” to her”, “Mum” to “Mom”,  “we” to “I”, “jelly” to “jello”. Any such changes must not change the meaning or the substance of the script, if they are written onto the script it should be clear that they are local amendments to the original words, and (of course) you may not circulate the changed script to others. If in doubt, please ask – message me via the Facebook page or email me.


I purchased a script; can I make copies to give to friends?

No. Sorry. Each script comes with clear conditions about what you can and can’t do with it – read The DramatisDei Deal. The conditions are designed to meet all the reasonable needs and desires of a purchaser. You can make a copy of the script for everyone involved in a performance (actors, director etc.) but if your interested friend isn’t in that group, send him/her a link to the relevant website page so that they can buy their own!


Why did you write something I found offensive?

Sorry! It is not my aim to be offensive to anyone, nor to be personal.

A lot of what is written here is fairly light-hearted, but there is also some serious comment on issues that seem important. Mostly this will be influenced by a belief that above all God wants us to be expressions of His love.

Where serious issues are raised the intention is usually to examine, challenge (and sometimes ridicule) ideas rather than the individuals who hold them (though if an individual or group has gone public with an idea or viewpoint or is in the news or public discussion because of it then it would be silliness to avoid using their name.)

There are many strands of viewpoint within Christianity on almost every subject and you are bound to disagree with what you read here at least some of the time! Hopefully in those cases we can agree to differ amicably.


Where is your statement of faith?

When Christ was asked for the greatest commandment he simply told us to love God and to love our neighbours as ourselves (Matthew 22:36-40). That’s a fantastic statement of faith! He also told us a few other wonderful and hard things – to love our enemies, not to judge others and to forgive people a ridiculous number of times. We are all working on those, right?

I don’t want to replace God with rules. No two lives are the same and part of our journey with Christ is to learn how his love shapes our life. Have you met two Christians who saw it all the same way? Haven’t your views changed over time? Love can’t be carved out of stone – maybe that’s why Jesus preferred to write in the dust!


Are you affiliated to a church?

My writings on this site are not sponsored, supported, promoted or endorsed by any church or organisation. I am very willing to consider gifts though!


Why do I sometimes find your spelling or grammar odd?

There are several possible reasons. I’m English and if you are not then that probably explains it! Also when it comes to language I have a style of my own. I tend to use lots of commas, and ellipses… And I start sentences with words like and, also and but, which I’m sure my teachers must have told me not to do. Please forgive me for that, I just write the way I think.