sparkly at Christmas

I love Advent!

See Christmas skits/sketches available here.

I love advent. It is the twinkly bit of Christmas, the building expectancy and the twinkly lights. Historically it provides our worship with a theme – the coming of the light into the world – and also with a illustrations in the form of the lighting of the advent candles and the christingle.

Since the theme is always the same we could of course get out the same candle-lighting liturgy each year, but we want fresh material so that people listen.

Take a look at these candle lighting scripts:

Candle Lighting – Future, Justice, Joy, Peace

Candle Lighting – Expectation, Preparation, Justice, Joy

You could get creative yourself, in which case the first thing to do is to examine what advent means to you. You could read through the lectionary readings for the period and use that as a basis but be warned it can leave you confused (apparently hopping from second-coming to first without warning) so bear in mind that there is an overarching theme of a time of preparation and waiting for The Light to come. How can you highlight that?

There are many books of advent ideas for purchase. Try the Christmas Store at They can sell you the books and the candles too. Alternatively try your church’s usual supplier of resources.

But wait – there are many free resources online.

Advent Candle resources

Type Advent candle lighting script into Google and you will find a multitude of resources. Which ones are useful to you will depend what sort of church you are and how much of the service you want this to take.

But there is more to Advent than candles!

You would probably like more than words to say when lighting a candle. Here are other advent ideas:

These were some I liked. If you have more, share them using the facebook page!