You have got time to get a drama ready!

You could do with a little extra something in your Christmas service, something that will amuse but make the congregation think. Try one of these two wonderful scripts (easily our best sellers). One is a monologue and can be read from a script in hand – so no need to arrange rehearsals! The other is an audience participation piece that the two narrators can improvise to the extent that they are comfortable with, or again could be read.

The Hotel Inspector

Cast of one, can read from script

In this lovely monologue we meet the Hotel Inspector, who is reading through a letter he has just written to the keeper of a certain inn, expressing dismay over the guests he met and things he saw on a certain starry night  in Bethlehem. What well-run hotel would mix smelly shepherds and rich foreign visitors? And as for putting up a young couple in the stable – with the lady in that condition… Something is seriously wrong with this hotel business! See more.

The Other Christmas Story

Cast of two, can hold scripts and may improvise

Do you have favourite Christmas films? Which of them is your Christmas story? In this comic script which goes down well with all ages, two people try to get the audience to help out with the Christmas story by doing actions to key words – King, Visitor, Afraid, Presents. But hold on – which story are we doing? What is The Other Christmas Story? What is the real Christmas story? See more


It’s not too late to grab your congregation’s attention with a something extra!



About the author: Writer of DramatisDei, dramatist and dreamer.