Jungle Food Trial

The group of young people from St. John’s Methodist Church may mot have been entirely sure about the idea of performing a set of three dramas at two different three-day holiday clubs (that’s Vacation Bible School if you are reading this in American), but when they got the scripts they really threw themselves into it. The result was enjoyment all round!

The idea was to perform three scripts, each between about five and seven minutes, on the basic theme of “I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!” and also provide something to follow it up with on the Sunday morning at the usual church service.

See how it went in this “Video Diary”.

The group used Celebrity Jungle! Three scripts from DramatisDei following four varied celebrities in the final week of a reality TV show, as they cope with each other, contrived challenges, public votes, insects and revolting jungle food and the unknown, and through it all perhaps emerge as slightly better people who have learned to appreciate each other.

Of course the children who yelled and laughed excitedly wouldn’t tell it like that! They would no doubt say that four funny people were stuck in a jungle and did lots of silly and yucky things and one kept dancing and rapping and one screamed ALL the time and one knew everything and one made jokes and it was really funny.

It wasn’t just the actors and the audience who enjoyed themselves. The prop makers looked like they were having too much fun making a camp fire out of cardboard and celophane and tackling the sticky questions of what exactly “locust jelly” and “wild dog’s thingies” look like…

The Sunday morning something was tackled by having the characters make the video diary that you can see above. This served to provide a link for any children who had been in the week and had taken up the invitation to return, and also allowed the minister to talk to the rest of the congregation about what exciting things had been going on in their church during the week.

The scripts are currently available as a three-episode set; the first episode The Box of Fears is also available alone. Let me know if you are interested in a five-episode set and I will consider it!



You can read more about the scripts here.


About the author: Writer of DramatisDei, dramatist and dreamer.