UPDATE October 2010 – “My Gospel, Right or Wrong”┬áno longer exists so this post is now sort-of irrelevant. sorry!

If you’ve read through any of the serious stuff on here you deserve a lighthearted break. I thought I would be generous and point you to a site that I find amusing – My Gospel, Right or Wrong.

Written by the Pastor, the Revd. Drayton Parslow, this blog tells how “Frisby Independent Baptist Church has been fighting the forces of modernism, liberalism and decidedly suspect Anglo-Catholicism for four centuries.” The Revd. ruminates that “The world is – Broken. Broken. Broken. There is no good in it. That we must see before we can rise.”.

While you eat your lunch, read these musings and smile. Only one thing bothers me – when I first visited this site It took me a while to work out if it was serious or parody. That is not the fault of the Revd., it is just a rather worrying thing about Christianity today.