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Pentecost, Year B
Inspired by Acts 2:1-21, Ezekiel 37:1-14, Romans 8:22-27.

You could also use the simple but effective Pentecost drama script  You See That Every Day to grab your listeners’ attention.

Opening Prayers or Call to Worship

If we come here weary
then please give us vigour;
if we feel cut off from you
please come close.
If we feel cut off from others
help us to make ourselves open;
if we have lost hope
then give us a glimpse of new horizons.
If we simply feel lost
then take our hands, guide us,
show us your world of possibilities,
and help us to take a first step forward
with you.


Come suddenly Lord,
upon these weary dried out bones.
Come where hope can appear lost and spirits sometimes fade.
As we groan and moan under our daily chore,
bound in by our self-imposed routine and long-out-of-date rules,
lacking in joy and feeling adrift,
come suddenly.

Come suddenly to make us whole:
bringing together parched individuals,
binding us in an unlikely body called church,
putting flesh on the bones of an unworkable notion.
We pray for all who gather here in your name
[especially… or brief pause].
Come and be the life-giving blood coursing through us;
a body of people moving as one, working as one.

Come suddenly over new horizons,
unexpected and un-prepared for.
Come full of promise like fresh breeze blowing;
clearing clouds that obscure our understanding,
calling us towards unknown tasks,
unknowable needs.

Come suddenly to take us out there:
out to our community;
out to all people
[we think particularly of… or brief pause].
Take us to lives and loves and fears and pains
we may not understand
but are called to serve.
Take us suddenly to old and young, men and women,
privileged and lowly, settled or from afar,
black, white, straight, gay,
any religion, any world view.

Come suddenly with power and love unimaginable,
leading us into
dreams and adventure
and success and failure
and joy and sadness;
and into you.

come suddenly Lord on us today
in fire and wind and spirit.


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About the author: Writer of DramatisDei, dramatist and dreamer.