Pentecost Mosaic

Pentecost, Year A
Inspired by Acts 2:1-21, Numbers 11:24-30, 1 Corinthians 12:3b-13.

You could also use the simple but effective Pentecost drama script You See That Every Day to grab your listeners’ attention.

Opening prayers or Call to worship

Fall on us today Lord:
come upon us as you find us
in our everyday lives,
and surprise us.
Move among us, move within us,
move us;
in all we do and through all we do
bring a spark,
light a flame
so that we begin to see a way
and start to lighten the path
of those around us.




we are in here
and the world is just out there,
a world that can seem so big and confusing.
We want to walk through it with your sure steps; often we fall.
We want to be full of love; our real feeling is fear.
So before we shutter our eyes from uncomfortable sights
and bolt our minds against new ideas,
our heartfelt cry is for you to walk among us and wake us.

Breathe on us
like a mighty gusting wind.
Breathe life into us, into our hearts and souls
and blow away our dusty reluctance to move on,
to change our minds or to accept new things.
Breathe healing into all those we know
who are finding life hard
Breathe on this sleeping world today.

Burn in us
with an unquenchable fire.
Burn your gospel of peace into the essence of our being
and your gospel of love into the core of who we are
so that we can stand firm against the anger and hate
that bubble and breed in the world around us.
Let your people of peace burn bright in the places where hatred and fear prevail
[we think of…].
Burn in this dark world today.

Speak to us
with your clear and compelling voice.
Speak of love that conquers all
and let your still small voice be our wake-up call.
In a world where thousands of channels and millions of voices
endlessly repeat yesterday’s speculation and myth,
let us speak of your all-embracing love
in words and deeds and quiet smiles.

As you brought us out of our dark places
so give us the grace to bring light to the lives of others.
by the power of your Spirit and your name.



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About the author: Writer of DramatisDei, dramatist and dreamer.