Holly in snow

Feel free to use these prayers in any church service or setting.
They are particularly suitable for the First Sunday after Epiphany, (First Sunday in Ordinary Time, Baptism of the Lord), Year C, and are based around Luke 3:15-17, 21-22, Matthew 3:13-17 and Psalm 29


Opening prayers or Call to worship


We hear a voice calling to us,

It shakes the earth and bends the trees.

We see a light where we expect no light,

We feel a touch on our heart.

Our despair evaporates,

Our boredom flees,

Our anger seems like a thing out of place.

We hear a voice like no other.

Come to me, come to me.

So we have come in expectation

And we are ready.









The people of this world have heard something,

Though to most it is a voice far off, indistinct, uncertain,

Obscured by the din of each day and the chaos of the age.

But if we listen very very hard we might hear the words:

This is my son.


So when there are times of need,

When people are seeking answers,

When they are looking for help

They cry out, uncertain if anyone will listen.


We know you are listening Lord. Help us to listen too.


Help us to hear the wail of the poverty-stricken refugees,

Fleeing from drought or war or flood or lawlessness.

[we particularly think of…]

Give us the strength to not turn our faces away.

Give courage and wisdom to those who are working against all odds to build better futures

And help us to seek out ways to play our part.


Help us to hear the groan of those burdened with cares,

Troubled by finances or family or work.

[we particularly think of…]

Show us how to be good friends and good listeners

And help us to be honest about our own problems

So that we can be channels of your peace.


Help us to hear the sigh of the lonely and the elderly,

Wanting to be loved, wanting to be involved, not wanting to ask.

Remind us that it is individuals you care about, not plans and schedules

And give us the love and the patience to spend time just chatting.


Help us to hear the whisper of the sick,

Hurting physically, hurting inside.

[we particularly think of…]

Bring your healing and your comfort

And show us how to care for the carers, supporting them in all their needs.


Help us to hear the unspoken deep longings of those around us,

Hoping for rest, hoping for friendship, hoping to be valued.

May we always strive to be good friends, honest and open

And each day of our lives

Be available to help create that space

Where people can hear your voice.



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About the author: Writer of DramatisDei, dramatist and dreamer.