coloured hand prints

Sunday between 13 and 19 November, Year A
(Proper 28, 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time)
Inspired by Matthew 25:14-30 (parable of the talents)




Lord God,

We rejoice because the life you give to each one of us
is uniquely different and special to you.
You give us gifts and talents to employ and enjoy
and we ask your help as we seek to use them to make your world a brighter place.

Help each of us to recognise the skills and gifts you have placed within us,
then to work hard to develop and nurture them,
so that we will become everything that you mean us to be.

Teach us to use our abilities wisely but also joyously,
enriching the lives of our family, friends, church and community.
Give us the joy of knowing that we are playing the part you desire for us.

Help us to use the love you have given us to support all we know who are in need.
Give us the wisdom to know when to help, when to listen, when to pray.
We hold these in our thoughts now
[especially… or brief pause]
Pour out your healing and love on all who are struggling today.

Guide this church as it strives to fulfil its mission to the world.
Help us not to settle for stories of past or present glories
but to look always for ways to use the love, fellowship, skills and enthusiasms we have
To bring your transforming presence to a needy, parched world.

Lead our nation lord, and help it to bring direction and healing to a troubled world.
We live in a land blessed with resources, inventiveness, imagination and stubbornness.
Give us the desire to use all that to bless our planet,
Seeking nothing but the joy of knowing that we did it right.

We ask that today and every day you will help us to grow,
Help us to love,
Help us to heal,
Help us to serve,
Help us to become all that you want us to be.


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About the author: Writer of DramatisDei, dramatist and dreamer.