Sunday between 4 and 10 February / Fifth Sunday after Epiphany, Year C
(Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time)

Opening Prayers or Call to Worship

As we gather in your name Lord,
give us a vision of the world that you see,
a sliver of the abundant love and infinite patience you have,
of glimpse ourselves as you see us.
Help us to see the universe of possibility
that you open to us,
that we can be part of.

As we worship you now,
let our thoughts be washed by your grace
and our hope
become unstoppable.


Lord of all things,
as we listen to your words,
as we see your works around us,
as we watch the mess that people make, the mess that we make,
help us to look up and see an amazing bigger picture.
Though we feel that we have failed and continue to fail in so many ways,
help us to be open to your calling and revelation

Give us a wonderful vision Lord:
show us how, beyond the humdrum routine of our everyday experiences,
an amazing new world is waiting to break through;
show us how we can be part of that change,
not just bystanders but helping to bring your kingdom in.
Help us to do what we can today, however seemingly small,
to bring positive change to our lives, our family or community,
or maybe to help save our planet.

Transform us lord, each one of us.
We so often see ourselves as nothing special,
but then we don’t look through your eyes,
so help us to see ourselves as you see us.
Guide us as we step out of our places of comfort
and protect us as we venture into new things,
as we become the people you already see.

There is a world out there
full of people afraid and hurt and alone.
We think of our friends and community
[especially… or brief pause]
and we ask that you will help them see a better tomorrow.
We think of those places mired in war and destruction
[especially… or brief pause]
and we ask that you will help those bringing relief
and those trying to find solutions where none are apparent.
We think of our leaders
and ask that you will give them a clearer vision
of what their leadership is really for.

Make all things new Lord,
mend all that is broken
and equip us to go out and change the world,
one step at a time
in your name


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About the author: Writer of DramatisDei, dramatist and dreamer.