picture: tools on a bench

Sunday between 16 and 22 October, Year B
(Proper 24, 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time)
Inspired by Mark 10:35-45 and Hebrews 5:1-10.

Opening prayers or Call to worship

Here we are Lord,

Take all the cares
that swirl in our heads:
they prevent us
from seeing you clearly.

We want to praise,
want to worship,
we come to seek,
to serve.

As we lift our faces
and raise our voices,
accept us and join with us Lord.



We are trying Lord,
trying to walk in your footsteps, follow your path.
It’s a hard road, because you didn’t come to be served
but to serve;
and we are not really very good at it.

So we ask that you will help us and all those around the world
who are following and serving,
serving you, serving the needy, serving those overlooked by others.
Let your spirit move in all your people in every continent and nation;
a sometimes ragged assembly, so varied but all trying.
Give us all the grace to serve in whatever way we can,
in whatever situation you put us.
Give us faithfulness to keep working even when we seem to be getting nowhere,
and the joy to encourages others as we go.
Lord let us serve you today.

Let your wisdom dwell in governments and rulers
and with those organisations and individuals who have power to change so much,
for better or worse.
Remind them that they are servants, not masters.
Give them the compassion and courage to do what is right
and a vision of the world you want.
Show us how we can influence decisions
so that the love we have can guide the governance of this world.
Lord let our leaders serve you today.

Let your peace be over the needy, the lost, the sick and the frightened people,
with those who stand by them day after day,
and with those who stand ready to catch when they fall.
Help us to understand the complex situations, help us to be a support,
help us to be there.
We think of all who need a friend today
[especially… or brief pause]
and all those who are bringing your love
[especially… or brief pause]
Lord where there is need, teach us to serve.

You have called us Lord,
and made us your own,
not to be glorified with you
but to serve.
We bring ourselves to you;
our skills, our energy, our passions, our lives
and ask you to show us how to use all this
for you
this week.

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About the author: Writer of DramatisDei, dramatist and dreamer.