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Sunday between 2 and 8 October, Year B
(Proper 22, 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time)
Inspired by Mark 10:2-16, Genesis 2:18-24 and Hebrews 1:1-4, 2:5-12.

Opening prayers or Call to worship

We come to the God of Ages,
the God of Abraham and Moses,
the God who always is and always was.
We also come to a God who constantly changes everything,
a God who flung stars into the blackness,
who specified the dimensions and layout and use of a holy tent,
then a temple
but then came to live in us, his living temples.
We come to a ceaseless, restless God and say
Lord, do a new thing today
in our hearts, in our church, in our world.



You made all that we are.
You made the universe and all in it,
apparently fixed but constantly changing
and we ask you to bring that change to our world today.

We ask you to change economic systems
that leave our world blighted by unequal distribution of wealth,
torn and shaken by wars for control of resources,
shamed by treatment of the weak, the needy, the voiceless.
We ask you to bless all who work to bring justice
and to give us a desire to make a difference ourselves.

We ask you to change governments and laws
so that they work for the many, protect the helpless and defend the innocent.
Help us to put aside our cynicism and our prejudices
and give support to leaders and politicians who care.

We ask you to change the community we live in
to dispel the dark cloud of fear
and to bring hope, belief and energy back to this place.
Awaken people, give them life and purpose
and show us how to be a hub of that life.

We ask you to reach into the lives of those on our hearts today:
[especially… or brief pause]
You touch and transform lives
in ways we don’t expect;
help us to touch lives today.

We ask you to transform your church,
so often living in its own history
and falling out over things that never mattered.
Fill us with your power,
wash over us and through us with your love
then open our eyes to the real work you have for us.

We ask you to change us Lord, taking our brokenness and making us whole.
Take our weariness and aches and uncertainty
and renew us from the inside out.

You are the God who always is,
the God who never ceases
and we ask you to do a new thing today
and change everything.


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About the author: Writer and editor at DramatisDei, dramatist and dreamer.