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Sunday between 12 and 18 June, Year C
(Proper 6, 11th Sunday in Ordinary Time)
Inspired by  Luke 7:36-8:3, Galatians 2:15-21, Psalm 32.

Opening Prayers or Call to Worship

Lord you are faithful, though our faith wavers;
you are ever with us though we often drift away.
Be with us now Lord
and help us to worship more simply,
understand more clearly,
love more fully
and grow ever nearer to you.


Lord we want to change the world,
though we are not even sure that we have strength to change ourselves.
What we do have is a faith in you,
and because we call on your name, you give us your own strength.

Give us compassion to comfort the hurting.
Finding the right words is hard
but help us always to listen and to understand.
Bring healing for those we know who need wholeness,
those who are sick, grieving, lonely or confused.
[we think of… or brief pause]
Let us always be there for those who need us.

Give us a burning desire to cry out for peace.
We think of all those places where war rages,
where populations are terrorised and cities reduced to rubble.
[especially… or brief pause]
We pray for the wounded and the bereaved,
for the homeless and the refugees.
Make a way for peace and give hope where there should be none.

Give us love to welcome strangers.
let us accept visitors to our houses, new arrivals at our church door
or those newly arrived in this country, seeking to make a new home.
Let our hearts and homes always be open,
ready and willing to give in love and to be changed in return.

Give us boldness to share the good news.
Help us to be honest about our beliefs and our story
and also to continually reach out in love to those around us.
Let us show by our every action and attitude that you are love.

Help  us to bring change,
never settling for the way things are
but always trying to reflect your character
your love,
your justice,
your compassion and forgiveness.
Change each of us today
So that we can change your world.


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About the author: Writer of DramatisDei, dramatist and dreamer.