advent candles

First Sunday of Advent, Year C
Sunday between 27 November and 3 December
Inspired by Luke 21:25-36 and Jeremiah 33:14-16.

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Candle Lighting
The First Candle – a candle of Expectation

Reader 1: Christmas is coming! We all have expectations – tinsel, presents, food, laughter.

Reader 2: We live in a world where our expectations are built up all the time – the computer we should have, the house we would like, the holiday we need. When we don’t get those things it hurts. We need better expectations.

Reader 1: There are people in many parts of the world who have learned to expect nothing – not food, not shelter. Sometimes not love. They should be able to expect better.

Reader 2: Christ is coming! As we look forward to our Christmas celebrations we light this first candle in expectation of the coming of Christ, who brings joy and justice to all people, everywhere.

Lighting of the first candle

Prayer: Lord of all, remind us of the things that are truly important. Come to this world, come to us, come to all people and bring the joy and justice that few expect but all need. Amen.


Lord of hope,
we always look forward in expectation to our Christmas celebrations
and the first glimmering of Advent makes us smile.
But what our hearts really yearn for
is to know how to bring your love to the dark places;
this Advent help us to stand with those whose expectations have been crushed.

We pray for those in our community who expect little:
the ill, the lonely, the troubled;
and the families who are struggling this Christmas,
whether financially or emotionally.
[we think of… or brief pause]
Help us to bring your warmth into troubled lives this advent.

We pray for a society that expects little from those who lead;
we are told that globally times are hard, there are no easy answers,
and there is constant threat of terror from ideologies we don’t understand.
[we think of… or brief pause]
Help us, your people, to be a fixed point; a light amid the turmoil:
give your church the strength to care where others don’t.

We pray for all those nations expecting only continued war, famine or flood.
Our minds turn to the lands of the Bible where strife rarely ceases,
and to surrounding nations torn apart by hate-filled factions.
[we think of… or brief pause]
Bless the tireless work of those who bring hope to the hurt and the oppressed,
and show us how we can support them.

We pray for the children of this world:
our own, and those suffering from lack of food or shelter or love.
At a time of year that many say is for the children,
help us to support those who work to give a future to young people
and remind us all to let the children around us just be children.

As the nights draw in, we know that your light is shining.
Help us to be that light:
help us to bring warmth,
help us to share love,
help us to touch lives
as ours have been touched.


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