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Sunday between 30 October and 5 November, Year B
(Proper 26, 31st Sunday in Ordinary Time)
Inspired by Mark 12:28-34 and Psalm 146.

Opening prayers or Call to worship

You have called us to love,
to love you, to love others.

You call to us now,
to gather in your name,
just as you call to your people
all over this world.

And like them we gather
to seek you,
to seek your will,
to seek your heart.

We are here Lord.





We are called to love God,
to love him with every part of our being,
every part of our lives.

That same God also calls us to love our neighbour:
friends, relations, acquaintances, strangers.
Not just love a bit, but love in abundance.

So Lord,
help us to love and help us to change the world.

Lord, bring justice to the oppressed:
oppressed by enemies, by governments, by economics.
Show us how to help bring your justice to this world.

Lord, give food to the hungry:
the hungry nations, the hungry in our own towns.
Help us to appreciate what we have got, and help those who have less.

Lord, set the prisoners free:
those imprisoned by unjust powers, those imprisoned by guilt or shame.
Give us the wisdom to appreciate each situation
and to bring your liberty to the bound.

Lord, open the eyes of the blind:
blind to light, blind to the truth, blind to your wonder.
Lead us as we seek to bring new light where there is only darkness

Lord, lift up those who are bowed down:
the ill, the sad, the bereaved, the troubled, the lonely.
Give us the skills to help share burdens and raise spirits
and give us the desire to always be there.

We are called by you to serve each other
and we are not entirely ready.
We are called to serve you
and we come uncertainly
but we come because you call.
And we lay our lives down and say,
take all that we are and use it for your service.


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