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Sunday between 23 and 29 October, Year B
(Proper 25, 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time)
Inspired by Mark 10:46-52.

Opening Prayers or Call to Worship

This morning, as we gather,
open our eyes.

As a new day starts,
open our eyes.

As a week ends and a week begins,
open our eyes.

As we look at each other,
open our eyes.

As we look for you,
open our eyes.




Maybe our eyes are tired
or maybe they were never really open at all,
but there is so much in this world that we have stopped noticing.

So, Lord,
let us see again
through new eyes,
a child’s eyes,
full of wonder,
full of hope,
full of possibilities.

We don’t want rose-tinted spectacles:
we know we have to see the problems, the horrors and the misery.
Help us to see the needs of those around us, to listen, to help and to pray.
[we think of… or brief pause]
Lord show us a way to help.

Help us to see the plight of distressed nations,
to support those trying to bring relief
and to raise their cries up to you.
[particularly… or brief pause]
Lord show us a way to help.

Help us to see the homeless and the stateless,
The non-people being trafficked into slavery, sometimes right under our noses,
providing goods and services that maintain our lifestyle
while they have none.
Lord show us a way to help.

And help us to clearly see and seek to understand the broken attitudes and systems
of a world that seems determined to destroy itself one way or another.
If we don’t see these things, if your own people won’t act, who will?
But we also want to look out and see what is good.

Help us to see the good in that person who so annoys us;
let us see new opportunities instead of being oppressed by old problems;
remind us to ask what we can do, rather than grumble at the way things are
and in all these things let us see the imprint of the God who made it all.

Let us look up with child’s eyes at a world of wonder,
a universe of unimaginable complexity,
with every new step, every new day holding something surprising
and love and hope and joy to be found in the most unlikely places.
Lord, today let us look with new eyes.



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