Path through a forest, daylight ahead

Palm Sunday (Liturgy of the Palms), Sixth Sunday in Lent, Year B
Inspired by Psalm Psalm 118:1-2,19-29 and Mark 1:1-11.

Opening Prayers or Call to Worship

We come expecting,
we come with dreams,
come with hopes,
or maybe fears;
we come alone
and as one body,
we come to give all
and so to find more.
We come to you
to be changed absolutely;
we come because your love is forever,
come to worship
and to rejoice
and to be new.


Something has got to happen Lord,
something has got to change.
We are carrying burdens and hopes and fears
and occasionally dreams
but it’s too much;
too much for us, too much for this ragged world.

We sense that something is coming,
surely change is coming:
let it happen soon;
let it happen here, happen in us.
So throw open the gates!
Break down the barriers!

Enter into our hearts, changing us from the very centre of who we are.
Lord come and restore.

Enter into our families and friendships, renewing bonds, rekindling the joy.
Lord come and restore.

Enter into our community, healing the wounded, comforting the troubled,
giving fresh direction to the lost.
[especially now we pray for…]
Lord come and restore.

Enter into our country, guiding our leaders,
giving us a new vision of a better tomorrow that we all share.
[especially now we pray for…]
Lord come and restore.

Enter into our church, building relationships, building our faith,
setting us free to serve this world.
Lord come and restore.

Enter into this beautiful, battered and confused world,
helping us to renew all that is broken,
to end all that is destructive,
to lift up the downtrodden and breathe new life into the exhausted.
[especially now we pray for…]
Lord come and restore.

As we remember Christ entering into Jerusalem
we lay down our burdens, fears, hopes and dreams at your feet
and rejoice because we can all be changed from the inside out,



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