children in dusty street

Sunday between 9 and 15 October, Year B
(Proper 23, 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time)
Inspired by Mark 10:17-31 and Hebrews 4:12-16.

Opening prayers or Call to worship

You are our great high priest
and you call us to come.
So we approach with boldness
to seek you,
to meet with you,
to be one with you.
Accept us as we are,
meet with us where we are
and as our worship fills this place
so let your glory shine and your love flow
in here,
out from here,
through our world
and through our week.



What must we do Lord?
How can we serve your world, how can we serve each other?
What must we do Lord?

We hear news of those in places of famine and flood and fighting and fear
and we feel overwhelmed:
What must we do? How can we change anything?
[we particularly think of the situation in… or brief pause]
Give courage and perseverance to those working to bring relief, peace and hope.
Help us to remember them, to care, to pray, to act.

We look at the children, our own and others, near and far.
What must we do? How do we keep them safe and happy?
How do we give them the freedom to dream their dreams?
Give love and strength to all those who work in education and childcare
as they open up the wonders of the universe to growing minds.
Help us to support them and to be an encouragement to all the children we know.

We wonder and worry about those who we meet in our daily lives.
What must we do? How can we help?
We think of family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances,
the people we see in the street every day.
[this morning we think of… or brief pause]
Though we so often haven’t a clue,
help us to bring your presence to their life.

We look at each other this morning and ask,
what must we do? How can we serve each other?
Give wisdom and vision to our minister and all who lead the church
And bring peace to all who gather in your name.
[this morning our thoughts are with… ]
Help us to listen, to show love, to be there,
to stand for you in each other’s lives.

It’s not easy to know what to do,
and when we do know we often wish we didn’t.
We would prefer a different answer, to shake the dice again,
but you have promised to be with us and to give us strength
and so we stand boldly and say,
help us this week to serve
in your strength,
with your wisdom
in your name.


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About the author: Writer and editor at DramatisDei, dramatist and dreamer.