Sunday between 14 and 20 January, Year C
(Second Sunday of Epiphany, Second Sunday in Ordinary Time)
Inspired by John 2:1-11.

Opening prayers or Call to worship

We come into the presence of a God who accepts us as we are
but who can change everything.
We come the only way we can,
but we ask to leave as people quietly changed.
Lord, touch us this morning,
and as we are enfolded by your love
transform us little by little,
so that our hearts begin to look a bit more like yours.



God of change,
you transformed rough working people into builders of lives.
You transformed a belief in laws into a faith of grace;
you transformed the everyday into the extraordinary.
So we ask you to transform our world today.

Transform war into peace,
in all those unpronounceable places where blood is being spilt daily.
Change the hearts of angry and desperate people
until they see that conflict will never win the future they desire.

Transform hunger into rejoicing,
bringing relief to the starving and tools to the struggling. .
Soften the hard hearts of those who refuse to share their wealth
and break down the politics of fear that stop nations tackling climate catastrophe.

Transform the lives of the sick and distressed,
giving them hope for the future instead of fear of each day.
Bring to them friends and laughter
and the warmth of your healing love.

Transform your church,
melting away the centuries-old divisions and suspicions.
Build in us a church that wants to worship and wants to bring your love to this world;
help us to embrace ideas that are helpful
and to abandon ways and thoughts whose time has passed.

Transform us,
taking our pride and selfishness, our insecurity and anger;
give us love and wisdom and peace and joy
so that we can fully be all you intended.

Lord we want to see our world transformed
and we want to play our part in making that happen.
Give us the courage to be changed and to bring change
So that your will can be fully done here on earth.

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About the author: Writer of DramatisDei, dramatist and dreamer.