picture - rainy street

Sunday between 19 and 25 June, Year B
(Proper 7, 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time)
Inspired by Mark 4:35-41, 1 Samuel 17:(1a, 4-11, 19-23), 32-49 and Psalm 9:9-20.

Opening prayers or Call to worship


In our lives
storms might rage
and giants might roar
and sometimes we might feel a little bit
like our lives are being turned upside down
or inside out;
but we come to you Lord,
to the gathering of your people
and we know that in this world
there is a love that is quiet and calm and strong.

Be with us Lord this morning
as we gather in your name,
the name above all.





Be with us on all our journeys.
Not just the everyday getting-from-here-to-there,
but the other journeys that we face and don’t always know how to talk about;
The mental, spiritual and emotional journeys that we all find we have to travel
now and then
as our world unexpectedly changes around us.
[We think of those things we’ve had to come to terms with recently,
the new situations or ideas we are still struggling to embrace… ]
Whenever we have to move on we need your presence
to support us and to reassure us.
So we put ourselves in your hands and say, take us where you will.

Be with us when we feel small and overwhelmed,
when the giants of life loom large
and our confidence leaks away as we feel at the mercy of other people, other forces.
Give us the inner strength to keep standing, the motivation to fight on
and the compassion to be there for those around us.
[especially… or brief pause]
Today you might just want us to be someone else’s safe place.

Be with those fleeing from the storms of life,
from the power of flood or drought, from war or chaos, from terror or tyranny.
So many in this world are refugees, leaving a cherished land behind,
nothing ahead but vague hopes and shadowy fears
with no-one on their side, nobody wanting to give a welcome.
[we think of… or brief pause]
Guide governments and international agencies as you reach out your hand Lord
and guide us as individuals and as your Church
because no-one is forgotten by you and no-one should be abandoned by us.

Be with us and teach us to rebuke the forces of darkness,
to wake up and have faith,
to believe that we can change the world with our simple tools
of knowledge, kindness, holiness, love and truthfulness.
We know we have to work with others, and we know we can’t achieve everything at once.
But we have to start and we have to believe change can come, must come,
because you prevail over all.

The old journeys are ending and their road-maps are becoming useless.
Our new journeys are starting and we don’t know where they will end.
Give us the courage to set out with you,
Trusting you to guide our paths.


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About the author: Writer of DramatisDei, dramatist and dreamer.