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Third Sunday of Easter, Year B
Inspired by Luke 24:36b-48 and Acts 3:12-19.

Opening prayers or Call to worship

As we gather Lord, gather with us.
Take our confusion,
help us to see,
teach us to know,
let us understand.
Lord, clear our heads and clear our eyes
And give us peace.




There are many things in this world that leave us confused –
confused about what things mean, who is right, which way we should turn.
We are baffled by technology and arguments and rules
and we aren’t sure that we understand each other or even ourselves.
We need you to stand here and help us.

As you stood where all the apostles could see you,
so help us to see:
see the real issues beyond the attention-grabbing headlines;
see the real and troubled person behind the gossip;
see the real lives that need picking up.
[we think of… or brief pause]
Lord help us to have clarity of vision.

As you let the apostles know for sure,
so teach us to know:
know what is going on in the world around us;
know which are the truths and which the lies;
know which things are important and which to let go;
know true friends and walk with them.
[we think of… or brief pause]
Lord teach us to be a people of knowledge.

As you guided your apostles toward understanding,
so guide us to understand:
understand our small part of a vast and magnificent universe;
understand the sometimes complex and baffling details of modern life;
understand what you are really telling us;
understand each other.
[we think of… or brief pause]
Lord guide us in our understanding.

As you met with your apostles and brought them your peace,
so give us your peace.
Not the peace that comes from apathy or ignorance or looking the other way,
but the peace to live each part of our messy lives in your name.
Let each of us receive that peace, live in it and enthusiastically pass it on to the world around.

In the name of our risen and very present Lord



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