royal sword

Sunday between 20 and 26 November, Christ the King, Year B
(Proper 29, 34th Sunday in Ordinary Time)
Inspired by John 18:33-37and Revelation 1:4b-8.

Opening Prayers or Call to Worship

You are one who rules over all
and we come into your presence.

Not to a king of pomp and solemnity
or a lord of land and wealth
or a tyrant who demands our lives.

We come to a king of overwhelming love
who calls us to his feast;
who wants us to share in all his good things,
who wants to free our hearts
and to free all people.

We are called by the Lord
who serves all people, all creation;
and we come freely to play our part.




Mighty and magnificent Lord,
Your laws govern all things
and we worship you;
your fingerprints are in all of creation
and we call upon your name.

You are not a tyrant waging war against nations:
you made all people in every continent and country.
Lord, bring peace and healing to the war-torn lands of this earth
and an end to the hatreds that destroy so much so needlessly.
[we pray for… or brief pause]

You are not a king of the powerful or comfortable:
you come in lowliness to be with the dispossessed.
Lord, be a guide and a shelter to the homeless and hopeless.
[we pray for… or brief pause]

You are not a king of those who fit in or look the part;
you made all people in your image.
Lord restore the confidence and self-belief of those who are drifting.

You are not a king of the religious or righteous;
you sit down with sinners and talk with the uncertain.
Lord come to the hearts of all those who need you,
all those who want to learn how to live.

You are a king of all and for all,
with all and in all,
forgetting nothing and forgiving everything,
bruising none and healing all things.

Come in truth and glory Lord
and today take us one more step
into a future that you hold  in your hands.



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