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Sunday between 6 and 12 November , Year A
(Proper 27, 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time)
Inspired by Matthew 25:1-13, Joshua 24:1-3a, 14-25 and Psalm 78:1-7.

Opening prayers or Call to worship

we remember that long ago
Abraham turned from other Gods and decided to follow you.
And we remember that in every generation since then
people all over the world have made a choice:
who to stand for? who to live or die for?
Today we gather to stand for you,
to declare that we turn our back on evil
and stand for good.
Accept us today Lord
and accept our presence here
as a declaration for you.


we remember.

We remember those who have gone before:
those who have been faithful to you whether in big things or small;
those who have taken the harder path because they knew it to be right.
Some of their names are remembered by history, some are remembered only by us
and many are all but forgotten.
[brief pause]
We remember because they have lit a path for us to follow.

We remember those around us who are in need:
people in need of care or love or friendship or a meal;
lonely people who want someone to talk to or a hand to hold;
despairing people in need of a shoulder to cry on.
Let us be the right person at the right time.
[brief pause]
We remember because it could be us.

We remember those living in the darkest places of the world:
where war is a current reality, where bombs and shells are falling;
where refugees stream in thousands hoping there will be a welcome for them somewhere.
Lord we want to be their welcome, be that hope.
[brief pause]
We remember them because others want to forget.

We remember those who lead us.
We remember those who lead our nation, lead our churches,
and those who by talent or strange fate lead public opinion.
We pray that they will have wisdom and understanding and good judgement.
[brief pause]
We remember them because they need to remember you.

We remember the coming generations
and we long to pass on to them knowledge and wisdom and faith
and also a good, clean, fair world,
a world where all are treated with dignity and love
and all creation is treated with respect.
[brief pause]
We remember them because tomorrow is not too far away.

We remember Lord,
because we owe it to them to remember
and we owe it to you.



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