picture: footprints

Third Sunday of Easter, Year A
Inspired by Luke 24:13-35

Opening prayers or Call to worship

we come to travel together
a little way.
Join us here Lord,
be part of our journey
and make us a part of yours,
through the day,
through the week ahead.


We like to pretend we know where we are heading on our journey:
our journey today, our journey of life, our journey with each other.
We have worked it all out;
we have read the books, heard the fashionable theories, seen the documentaries,
maybe even browsed the scriptures.
We know the laws and rules and theories,
sort of.
Which probably means it’s time for you to join us, surprise us,
ask the hard questions and reveal your living truth
to replace our comfortable certainty.
Walk near us Lord and listen to our conversations.
Let us take joy in being together with your people,
debating and discussing with frankness and honesty,
sharing freely, listening carefully,
willing to be surprised,
valuing each other and always grounded in love.
Walk with us Lord and let us tell you all.
Let us each share our burdens,
listen now as we pour out our sorrows and fears.
Listen now as we tell you about our worries and confusions.
Listen now as we call out for our families and friends.
Listen now as we cry out for people and places in desperate need.
Listen now as we share our joys and enthusiasms.
Listen now to the sound of our lives.
Rest with us Lord and show us your truths,
eternal truths and truths that surprise.
We are sometimes slow and foolish,
so open our ears and eyes,
our hearts and our minds.
Because, Lord, we want to be changed today,
We don’t want you to leave us as you find us.
Join us Lord and make our hearts burn
With the joy of your presence,
The desire to go on
And the hope of a world changed by you.

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About the author: Writer of DramatisDei, dramatist and dreamer.