picture of travelling light

Sunday between 3 July and 9 July, Year B
(Proper 9, Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time)
Inspired by Mark 6:1-13 and 2 Corinthians 12:2-10.

Opening prayers or Call to worship

Lift our eyes Lord!
Help us to look ahead, seeing the way,
your way.
Help us to look up,
seeing your greatness,
seeing that you are over us.
Help us to look around
and to look out,
seeing people you love,
a world you care about.
Now help us to worship you, the creator,
With all our hearts.





Some of us feel weak;
give us strength for today.
Some of us feel proud;
stop us from being complacent.
Help us to admit and accept our weaknesses
because when we do, that is when you make us strong.

Help us to travel lightly Lord,
as we walk into each new day.
Do we need all our things, the comforts and gadgets and clutter?
[brief pause]
Lead us to put aside anything that holds us back, that distracts us from living out your love;
and because that feels a bit scary, give us your peace.

Help us as your family of believers to travel lightly.
Sometimes we are so bound up with old routines and unspoken rules
that we forget we are supposed to meet the real needs of the world at our doors.
[especially… or brief pause]
Give us the courage to leave old habits and responses behind,
To throw open the doors and break down the walls of church
and to make ourselves freely available as your living presence in our communities.

Help those who lead us all to travel lightly as they face new issues every day
because yesterday’s answers won’t help with today’s questions.
We see the world changing at a dizzying rate and problems seem ever more complex.
[we think of… or brief pause]
The climate is dangerously unpredictable; economies are close to collapse;
desperate families are risking their lives to flee turmoil and terror
and our society seems ever more confused and confusing.
Give our leaders the courage to listen, to take risks and to respond with real action now
and give us also the grace to support those of any political colour
who act out of love for this broken world and its broken people.

We love our comforting routines and the safe, familiar things around us
and sometimes we need to treasure what we have got.
But help us always to put your love first, last and in between.
Allow us to go out lightly into the new day
seeing everything as if anew
and responding with the cleansed hearts you have given us.
We ask this in the name of the Lord who sends us all.


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