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Fourth Sunday of Easter, Year B
Inspired by John 10:11-18, 1 John 3:16-24 and Psalm 23.

Opening prayers or Call to worship

Heavenly Father,
Take us as we are today,
Accept us with all our faults
As we reach out to you
Take our hands
Hold them in yours
Give us a vision of what we could be
And as a church
Take our hands
And don’t let go
Because we want to be your people




Lord our Shepherd,
in this society we are fortunate enough to have so much:
not just food, shelter and clothing but also so many extra possessions and experiences.
And yet we feel strangely weighed down by it all.
We are weary, wrung out, broken by the pace of our world.
Today, help us to find a place and time of quiet reflection;
give us rest from turmoil and restore our shattered souls.

Lord our Shepherd,
so many around us live in fear – fear for their health, their family, their future
and around them they hear voices of doom, despondency and dismay.
[we think of… or brief pause]
Help us to take people’s fears and turn them into hope.
Help us to take despair and turn it to positive action.
We aren’t experts – but we are your people and we are willing.

Lord our Shepherd,
today feed those who are in hunger:
those fleeing from wars or terror;
those whose land has become parched or flooded;
those who have been abandoned by family or society.
[especially… or brief pause]
Don’t let us ever turn a blind eye to suffering
or be judgemental about those in need.
Be alive in the work of all those who reach out to help
As they bring food, shelter and love.

Lord our Shepherd,
we can never forget that you gave your life for us.
Laying down our lives for one another sounds a bit scary
but give us the burning desire to love each other daily in actions, not words,
sacrificing time, energy and emotion to build one another up.

Lord our Shepherd,
you laid down your life so that we could have life in all its fullness,
life in vivid colour that goes on forever.
So give us the courage today to take hold of that life,
to enjoy it and to use it in full,
to lift those around us,
to defend the poor and the needy
and to fight for this amazing world you have given us.

In your wonderful name,



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