I have written these prayers for you to freely use in any church service or other gathering. Most of the prayers have a Lectionary year and date to suggest when they might be used but don’t feel bound by that – if the theme fits yours, use it!

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Pentecost Prayer: Come Suddenly

Come suddenly with power and love unimaginable, leading us into dreams and adventure and success and failure. (Pentecost Year B)
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Prayers – What Must We Do?

What must we do Lord? How can we serve your world, how can we serve each other? What must we do Lord? (9-15 October Year B)
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Prayer – looking around

We look up at the limitless sky and the infinite universe. Thank you for creating endless possibilities. Thank you for inspiring us daily.
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Prayers for Second Sunday of Advent

On the second Sunday of Advent the candle lighting script is based on the theme of preparation, and the intercessions ask God to prepare us to reach out to this world. (Second Sunday of Advent Year C)
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A voice calling – prayers to help us hear

Original prayers for you to use in any Sunday service. “to most it is a voice far off, indistinct, uncertain, But if we listen very very hard we might hear the words: This is my son”.
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Prayers for Third Sunday of Advent

On the third Sunday of Advent the candle lighting script is based on the theme of justice, and the intercessions call for us to be God’s presence in a broken world. (Third Sunday of Advent Year C)
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Prayer: Faith to Change The World

Help us to bring change, never settling for the way things are but always trying to reflect your love, your justice, your compassion and forgiveness. (12–18 June Year C)
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Prayer: A Voice Calling

Let us offer help before we offer opinion, and let us show humility before we show judgement. (Fourth Sunday of Easter Year C)
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Prayers for Insignificant People

Give us your strength today so that we can be friends to the friendless, hope to the hopeless, a light in lives where no light shines. (18-24 September Year B)
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Prayers of Calling

We are trying Lord, trying to walk in your footsteps, follow your path and we are not really very good at it. (16-22 October Year B)
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Prayers for Stormy Times

So many in this world are refugees, leaving a cherished land behind, nothing ahead but vague hopes and shadowy fears. (19-25 June Year B)
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Prayers for Strangers at the Gate

Open our eyes to the strangers at the gate: the newcomer looking for a friendly face; the huddled, weary migrants searching for a place to call home; (4-10 September Year B)
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Prayer: Today is a New Day

We are your unlikely body on earth; so give us the strength to help others move on from the yesterdays that bind them (Fifth Sunday in Lent Year C)
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Prayers of Sacrifice

We remember those who down the generations have given everything to build a better world. Lord help us to bring your everlasting love to this weary earth. (6-12 November Year B)
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Prayers of Fruitfulness

We’ve tried to be good Christians when we should have been good friends. We’ve tried to be right when we should have been fruitful. Help us to be fruitful Lord. (2–8 October Year A)
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Prayer: Open the Gates!

As we remember Christ entering into Jerusalem we lay down our burdens, fears, hopes and dreams at your feet. (Palm Sunday Year B)
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Prayers of Confusion and Understanding

Guide us to understand the complex and baffling details of modern life; understand what you are really telling us; understand each other. (Third Sunday of Easter Year B)
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A bright new day – prayers of hope

Original prayers to use in any time of worship. “Under the baking skies of Africa and the stormy skies of Asia Create rivers of hope and oases of tranquillity.”

Prayers of Temptation and Sparkly Lives

When we stop being tempted by illusions of lives that are more sparkly we can look around and see those who are in need here and now. (First Sunday in Lent Year C)
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Prayer: Dreams of Home

We’re coming home Lord, From the dreams of last night and the tangled thoughts of today. (Fourth Sunday in Lent Year C)
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Prayers of the Unexpected

You are the God who always is, the God who never ceases and we ask you to do a new thing today and change everything. (2-8 October Year B)
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All the prayers are free to use but if you would like to make a voluntary payment the price of a coffee would keep me working!