girl with binoculars



We bow our heads and look down at the earth beneath our feet, the dust from which we are made, and we give you thanks.

Thank you for making this world with such care, such love, such infinite patience.

Teach us to have that same patience as we meet each moment, each circumstance, each person today and every day, so that we appreciate the wonder of all we have, and so that we can give a little wonder back in return.


We look around at the people and places we know and love, or sometimes struggle to love.

Help us to understand the needs, the problems, the sadnesses and the angers, and give us sensitivity in our conversations with those we meet today and tomorrow.

We ask you to touch the lives of all we know who are in need.

Let us always be your presence in the lives of those around us.


We look out at the big wide world, viewed so much better these days in HD and 3D.

We see snow-capped mountains and plunging depths, humid jungles and arid deserts.

We also see some nations and communities living in air-conditioned freshly-laundered sparkling spring-watered comfort, while others live in war-torn desert-encroached tin-shack poverty, and we ask you to show us how we can respond, what we can do, practically today.

Help us to pray and to speak and to not turn away.

Thank you for all your people who work ceaselessly for a better world.


We raise our sights and look up at the limitless sky and the infinite universe.

Thank you for creating endless possibilities. Thank you for inspiring us daily.

Help us to clear away the sleep from our eyes and to look for your path today.
We don’t know where you will take us, we can’t see our own potential, but we trust that you can, and maybe that those around us can too.

Help us as we look at others to see what they can become too.


Lord you are good to us, and we thank you, and we ask thatyou will show us how to do good for you today, this week, always.



About the author: Writer of DramatisDei, dramatist and dreamer.